Impact of Microcredit and Other Types of Financing, Characterization of Microentrepreneurs in Bogota and Microfinance Variables

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Dueñas-Peña Alex, Veloza-Lancheros Carlos Kennedy, Diaz Rodríguez María Jacqueline


Through the analysis of the Impact of Microcredits and other types of Financing on Microenterprises in Bogota, this document presents the characterization of Microentrepreneurs and Financial Variables, identified through the application of a tool for data collection and its subsequent processing. The characterization was carried out thanks to the classification of main characteristics within the selected population and perceptions of participants were established. One of the main findings is that the perception of the importance of credit does not have any difference between sectors where microentrepreneurs develop their business activities, nor the age and sex range. In other words, sociodemographic characteristics do not define the degree of approval or disapproval of microenterprise financing through microcredit.

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