Analysis of Microcredits Impact and Other Types of Financing on Microenterprises in Bogota: Measuring Instruments and Their Validation

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Dueñas-Peña Alex, Campo-Espinosa Cesar, Veloza-Lancheros Carlos Kennedy


An analysis of the impact of microcredit on microenterprises in the city of Bogotá was carried out. This paper summarizes the measurement instruments through which the base information for the development of future research is identified. Regarding the design of the research, it is presented, starting from the orientations of the book guide of the process, methodology of the investigation, and the different orienting elements of the study. Thus, the hypotheses, the scheme and conceptual definitions, socialization of the scheme of the instrument are presented, so that from this there is a first encounter with the object of study through the application of a pilot test that allows to know the validation and reliability of the instrument after the process of the Cronbach's Alpha index.

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