Depiction of Nature and Aspirations as revealed in William Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”: A Critical Analysis

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Abdul Barique Ahmed


Nature is a universal phenomenon. Nature is our life. Nature has it’s wide senses. Nature has physical and general aspects. It has a creative and controlling spirit. The present paper is an analysis of William Wordsworth’s natural identity “Tintern Abbey” which was first published in July 13, 1978, in his collection of poems Lyrical Ballads. The paper  will explore the major theme of the poem which is associated with nature, aspiration and landscape. The paper is connected with stylistics. The paper will highlight the main dimensions of nature which are used by the poet. It focuses the visual concept of nature through internal and external view points. The beauty of nature is of great value in our lives. It has vital impact. Wordsworth is fully convinced only in nature, peace, harmony, morality, co-existence, unity and integrity can be found. Happiness is the key subject of life. Without happiness there is no peace, existence and inter-peace-harmony.

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