Concept of Feminism in Jane Austen’s Novel: Pride Vs Prejudice

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Dr. Uzma Hasan


Jane Austen's novels are known not only for being fascinating, but also for being representative of nineteenth-century British society. Her novels offer a compelling perspective on historical, psychological, and sociological issues woven into plots that are both ironic and farcical, with a diverse mix of characters. All of her six novels are concerned with love and marriage. They truthfully reflect the life of women during that period and reveal her feminine consciousness.

This research paper will examine Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice from a feminist perspective, with a focus on how the environment and nature of the society reflect femininity as well as male-female relationships. The natural environment depicted in Pride and Prejudice can also be viewed through a gender perspective to better understand how Jane Austen used the natural world to reflect the realities of gender differences in her society.

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