Influence of the Human Environment on the Training and Competition of Elite Athletes

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Muhammad Tahir Nazeer, Ali Raza, Afshan Jabeen, Hira Atta, Azhar Ul Haq Wahid


Background: Various factors in the humanistic environment are difficult to control in competition and training and have become a bottleneck restricting the normal performance of athletes. Because of this situation, this article systematically analyzes the cultural, educational, and information factors that affect the normal performance of athletes in the humanistic environment, to provide references for the majority of coaches and athletes to carry out scientific training. Methodology: A literature review, logical analysis, discussion with players, coaches, managers, and experts’ methods were used to accumulate information regarding the Influence of the Human Environment on the Training and Competition of Elite Athletes.  Results based on the guidance of players and coaches; this paper summarizes the present situation of the elite athletes of Pakistan with detailed data. This paper constructs a model of the influence of the human environment on the training and competition of elite athletes of Pakistan during the training and competition. Conclusion: A good humanistic environment can help athletes better understand the implication of engaging in sports, realize that sports are a kind of culture and realize that sports competitions are a kind of spiritual contest. Modern sports, as the carrier of human culture, have become a rapid reactor and container of modern cultural spirit with the help of modern sports technology and media. To cultivate outstanding athletes, a good humanistic environment must be created.

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