The Conversion Rate Optimization by The Adoption of Web Experience Factors at Par and Zheen Private Hospitals – Erbil

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A.L Bushra Ali Zainal


The website of any organization represents the main interface that shows the customers the main information about the organization’s work activities which can attract the customers to use organization’s product or service specially in healthcare organizations. In this paper we reviewed the opinions of   118 website users of two main two main private hospitals Par and Zheen in Erbil/Iraq about the availability of the main factors of web experience, the main purpose was to study the studying the effect of these factors on optimizing the rate of converting website users into customers of both of the hospitals, in order to solve the research problem which was neglecting the importance of these factors and it’s effect on improving the conversion rate of users of our hospital’s websites.  In our research we used discriptive and corelational research designs as we discribed the results and also test the relationships between the study’s variables.The study finds  that the factors have a moral impact on the level of conversion rate optimization, and the sequence of importance of these factors are as follows:1- Website interactive, then  Aesthetic of the website, finally the Marketing mix.


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