Panorama Of Pressure Groups In Pakistan

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Muhammad Touqeer Akhter Nasir, Dr. Farmanullah, Hadia, Iltaf Khan, Shehla Javed, Muhammad Ayaz Khan


The pressure groups are the oxygen for the survival of democracy which represents different integral parts of the society. The pressure groups are influential during the process of legislation in modern democracy. There individual knowledge and remarkable skills are tremendous because they know very well their weight which tell them how to strike and where to strike. Sometimes we notice that these pressure groups are strengthening the ruling party for the greater achievements but some regions are using the pressure groups as sword to safeguard their interest. As for as the political and democratic system of Pakistan is concerned these pressure groups are having negative image, these are considered as threat to unity. The pressure groups based on regional unity, baradri, racism, language similarity or common culture is not reliable for the collective benefits of the country. The pressure groups working in United States of America (USA) or in United Kingdom (UK) are magnificent and their role is trust worthy but nature and working of pressure group is varying from system to system and similarly from state to state. When the political parties are allowed to play their role for the betterment of the country then these pressure groups are defining the last over of the innings when major parties need cooperation for making the government. Pressure groups are playing their role from that times when there was not proper concept of democracy and politics.

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