The Practice Media of House Installation Model for Fixing Mental Model (MM) and Mental Modeling Ability (MMA) of Students in the Context of Electrical Circuits

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Amiruddin Kade, Supriyatman, Marungkil Pasaribu, I Ketut Alit Adiuntara


This research was conducted because many students were still confused even tend to be in the wrong concept when they faced contextual problems. This confusion is caused by the wrong Mental Model (MM) and low Mental Modeling Ability (MMA) of the students. The purpose of this research was to fix students MM and MMA in the context of an electrical circuit by using media practice of House Installation Model. The learning applied practice learning model problem solving based. The research method used was a quasi-experimental research with design one-group pretest-posttest design. Data needed being in the form of problem-solving scores, the analysis result of the mental model and MMA, and the interview result. The research result shows that in the context of the electrical circuit, 75% of students experience MM improvement, 15% to level 2, and 60% to level 3. MMA improvement; 80,0% students experience MMA improvement, 21,7% students to moderate and 58,7% students to high MMA. These results become the recommendation that practice learning model problem solving based can fix MM and improves students’ MMA in the context of an electrical circuit.

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