Indonesian Class Management in Erlangga Private Vocational School, Pematangsiantar City

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Rosmeri Saragih, Resmi, Tuti Ariani Nasution


The classroom management conducted by the teacher plays a very important role in instilling motivation for learners to continue to achieve. With the management of effective and optimal classes, the good is done by the teacher can give an increase in achievement of students in private high school Erlangga Pematangsiantar City. The low cause of students ' achievements in Indonesian language at the SMA private Erlangga Pematangsiantar City is caused by an individual factor of 79.9%, teacher factor of 2.4% and a parent factor of 17.7%. The most appropriate learning model to implement is the humanistic model of 89.7%. As for this learning model can be implemented and the success rate is high enough because it can make students comfortable when studying in the classroom, during the learning process teachers always make a variation in teaching methods, utilizing the maximal technology of initiating, interactive learning, teaching at a certain time can be done outside the classroom, teachers are more patiently faced with students and reward students who excel. By setting up a humanistic learning model in private high school Erlangga Pematangsiantar City can improve the performance of Shiva because it has been approach by understanding and minimizing problems in class, there is direct feedback and strengthening with stimulus in learning environment.

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