Black Market of Democracy in Local Election (Empirical Evidence of Local Election in South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia)

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M. Uhaib As’ad, Jarkawi, Rizka Zulfikar


The political rationale of the individuals has been trapped in the vortex of political practicality and has no capacity to keep away from all that. In the mean time, ideological group which is really an image instrument of enunciation of political goals turns into the cartel and practice of political mafia in the field of Nearby Head Political race (Pemilihan Kepala Daerah/Pilkada). The political market has been hued by political value-based and scheme issues between political elites and market (capital) and teaching the mindset of the individuals into political idiocy operating at a profit market of popular government. The force relations will bring forth a business cartel which is savage, where the nearby financial assets are just on Gatherings of such ruthless oligarchs. The mine has become some portion of the field of monetary and political intrigue battles among neighborhood entertainers. In this way it isn't amazing that the political scene in South Kalimantan is constrained forcibly Capital or ruled government officials with enterprising foundation mine.

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