Social Recontructivism: An Analytical Study Of The Role Of Government And Society In The Victimization Of Criminals

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Adigala Swathi, Dr. Amita Rathi


The society and crime are two sides of the same coin as the former forms the crux of the crime related matters in a societal milieu. Irrespective of the nature and structural dimensions of crime the unlawful event or act has an indelible stigma both on the individual and the society. Through this article an attempt has been made to study the unspoken yet debatable topic of ‘victimization’. In the context of this term, there are two tethering facets, the aggrieved and the victim. Wherein, the aggrieved is satiated by a compensation (civil) or punishment (criminal) but the victim is not only under a stigma but is subjected to social, psychological, emotional and intellectual dogma. However, the United Nations Declaration (1985) along with globalizing and technologically driven advancements have initiated a breakthrough change in the attitude towards the victims, both the state and the society

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