MARKETING PROBLEMS Encountered by First generation Entrepreneurs

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V Rama Padmaja, Dr. P. Vijay Kumar Reddy


Difficulties Faced by youthful Indian Entrepreneurs during their initial step into business sectors are being examined in this paper. Business is perceived as a panacea to numerous financial issues that emerge in the Indian promoting setting. By acknowledgment, the public authority has help of setting up business and strengthening of business visionaries on the highest point of its plan for an agricultural nation. While youthful age consider assembling new organizations as World Bank has recorded that India is quite possibly the most troublesome nations on the planet to begin another business. For instance, it requires around 30 days for somebody to begin a business in India versus one day in New Zealand and some different nations from one side of the planet to the other.

A section from unbending construction and organization that exists in beginning their business startup business people faces a few difficulties and obstacles along the way to development in India. In any case, fortunately, these conditions are never totally drained of expectation. Not all components talked about in this paper are issues for new business visionary, however these can prompt issues if not oversaw as expected. During the field study it was seen that the business visionaries were experiencing a few issues that deterred the development of their endeavors.

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