Features of The Machiavellian character in The Iraqi Theatrical Discourse Non-written chapter of (Macbeth) play by Shakespeare

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Qaeid Talib Salman, Dr. Amir Hisham Al-Haddad


In the present time, alleviating poverty became a severe issue for every developing economy. In this way, the present study attempts to observe the entrepreneurs’ perception of eradicating poverty through entrepreneurship activities. The analysis is deductive and based on cross-sectional data. The data is gathered through a survey questionnaire. The respondents of the study are entrepreneurs who are associated with business activities. The findings of the contingency table, Person’s correlation and multiple regression show a significant impact of entrepreneurship on the reduction of poverty. The results claim that entrepreneurship activities are the liable sources of increasing income. It creates job opportunities, which provides support in lessen the poverty traps. Besides, the involvement of the promotion of entrepreneurship opens new avenues for business, which significantly decrease the miserable situations of poverty. The study's findings would provide the guidelines to government and policymakers to boost entrepreneurship to reduce poverty and unemployment. Finally, the study's outcomes would support and deepen the literature through empirical evidence from Saudi Arabia.

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