The Cooperation of the Government Sector, Private Business Sector, and the People's Sector for the Promotion Boon Phawet Tourism Festival in ROI ET Province, Thailand

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Phrakhrusutaworathammakit, Winit Pharcharuen, Phrakhruwapeechuntakun, Phrakhruphalad Sommai Attasiddho, Siamporn Panthachai


This research paper aims to 1) study the cooperation model of the government sector, private business sector, and the people’s sector for the promotion of Boon Phawettourism festival in Roi Et Province; 2) propose sustainable guidelines for the cooperation of governmentsector, private business sector, and the people’s sector in the management of Boon Phawet Tourism festival. This research was qualitative, descriptive and analytical study methods were used for the research including, in-depth interviews, group discussions, and learning exchange forums. The group of key informants consist of government agencies, private business sector and the people’s sector, consisting of a total of 45 people.

The results of the research revealed that the cooperation between the government sectors private business sector and the people’s sector for the promotion of Boon Phawet tourism festival in Roi Et Province, showed that there wasan appropriate cooperation model in promoting Boon Phawettourism Festival, coordinating with the 3 organizations, namely 1) private business sector, there should be a grouping of businesses, which will be of benefit in coordinating with the government sector. There should be a managementsystem that is conducive to cooperation. Including the development and improvement of the tourism business. 2) government organizations should coordinate and cooperate with the private sector in a more effective way, they should be concise take issues more seriously, including the promotion of public relations campaigns about ecotourism for the people’s better understanding 3) The people in the local area must participate in both the process of promoting cultural tourism and traditions in the preservation and restoration of local culture. They should participate starting from the thinking process, decision making and solving of problems. Jointly, participate in practical aspectsand checkingthroughout the activities until they receive some benefit from tourism. This will lead to the promotion of sustainable ecotourismand improve the quality of life of the people.The cooperation principles between the government sector, private business sector and the people's sector based on the idea of ​​"co-thinking, co-planning, co-executing, sharing responsibility and sharing of benefits” resultin proper cooperation and support for each other. By providing opportunities for all sectors to jointly formulate an integrated tourism resource development plan and giving opportunities to all sectors to participate in management at all levels.

Suggestions for government cooperation guidelines, private business sector and the people’s sector in the management of Boon Phawet tourism festival. Which is a formulation of tactics and strategy for tourism management were in 4 approaches: 1) public relations guidelines 2) tourism management guidelines 3) conservation and cultural revival guidelines 4) Guidelines for mutual benefitunder pride and cherishedof local cultural attractions, which are traditional events that are unique to the local area.

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