Mystical Patience in the Two Poems Mantiq Al-Tair and Attar's Mystery Relying on the Verses of the Quran and Nahj Al-Balaghah

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Roghayeh Abovisani, Dr. Mohammad Fazeli, Dr. Reza Ashrafzadeh


Due to the important role that patience plays in mystics in the spiritual and social development of human beings, God Almighty has mentioned it in several verses of the Holy Quran. Also, Imam Ali (AS), considering the various individual and social situations in society, has called on human beings to be patient. This research aims to examine the place of patience among people in society through analytical and comparative methods and to introduce the importance of this issue in society in general. Mystics and poets have also emphasized the importance of patience in their works. Attar, one of the famous poets, emphasizes patience and silence, and he considers the best way to reach the truth, and in the way of truth, he pays so much attention to patience and silence that patience equals the path and silence equals the truth. Knows. The purpose of this study is that despite the fact that we live in an Islamic society, social conflicts and criminal offenses are of great concern.

In general, it can be said that in Attar's vision, patience is the mystery of overcoming the darkness of the soul and the darkness of the soil world and reaching the source of light, survival and immortality among schools, that is, selling, breaking the limitations and joining the absolute and infinity. Is

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