Literature in the Face of Terrorism Speicher for Prof. Dr. Falih Kareem Al-Rikabi as a Choice

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Dr. Arkan Hussein Muttair


The matter is no longer blurred between belonging to the homeland that sheltered you, enjoyed its blissing and bounties. Which you lived in it securely, protected with rights and power. And between abandoning it to a foreigner or an extremist for reasons and justifications that do not rise to the value of the homeland.

Literature, writers are a title that occupies a large and indispensable space in the homeland. Where it is a tongue expresses about worries, preoccupations, needs and residents of the homeland

And because literature and the homeland have a dialectical relationship between them, a close link of partnership, interaction, and mutual affiliation. So, literature had a biased stance towards the homeland with all its formations, structures, addresses and genders in the war against terrorism that targeting the homeland. Where Iraq and literature was in the face of ISIS which is the terror system which attacks each human or life or social structure. This system imposes thoughts, desires by force of arms, brutality and strict cruelty in any spot or place in the world not just Iraq.

Literature was fighting with the rifle inseparable within one united front. So, literature was like gunpowder, the writer was an unbeatable fighter and not retreat. Where his sound is a gun and his literature as frontal cover at all battlefields.

The productions of combative literature were varied. Where poetry was leading the collections, including poetry of Speicher for Professor Dr.Falih Kareem Al-Rikabi . Where it is a collection of poetry that represents a front for combat literature against the terrorist ISIS.

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