The Influence and Indebtedness of Arabic Islamic Literary Works on International Literatures

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Dr. Abdelelah Al-Nahar


This study tends to show the influence and indebtedness of some Arabic-Islamic literary works on international literatures especially on the European literature. The most prominent Arabic literary works are the stories of "Majnoon Layla" (the insane Qays Ibn Al-Mulawwah), the story of "Hay Ibn Yaqdan" (Son of Yaqdan's Quarter), "Alf laylah wa laylah" (one thousand nights and one night), "Kalila wa Dimnah" (Abdullah Ibn Al-Muqaffa).

Also the study sheds light on the Islamic literary influence on Dante's "The Divine Comedy". The study proves that Arabic-Islamic literature had influenced western literature.

There is no space and no intention to discuss each story, novel, poem or work of literature in the fourth coming pages due to the huge number and length of the many literary works from both sides, the Arab-Islamic literary works and European or international works. Stories and novels are mentioned by passing, the reader of interest can refer to these works to enhance more research.

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