The function of the pen in the propagation and preservation of religion and the research and promotion of religious sciences

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Dr Hafiz Muhammad Ibrar Ullah , Dr hashmat begum , Dr wilayat bibi , Dr Hafiz M.Inam Ullah Fatima Saba , Dr Muhammad Yaseen


The pen is a great blessing from Allah (subhanahu wa taalah), for which there is no substitute in this world because the pen is the only source of knowledge in this world, by which we pass on the knowledge of thousands of years ago. Pen writing is still important in this modern and advanced age and is still a special focus. Teaching continues through writing. The pen has played an important role in all the sciences of Islam, which we read and teach, not only in Shariah but also in matters, transactions, business, and all these factors. Writers gather their feelings, emotions, research, and commentary or on any subject. They resort to the pen. Researchers who are keen on the pen can be called the symbol of a successful writer and not everyone gets this blessing. Writing adorned with continuity and excellent delivery becomes their hobby. Muslim jurists used to carry their pens only for the pleasure of Allah Almighty and for the correct interpretation of His religion. Thanks to the pen, researchers wrote many articles in magazines, journals and newspapers and read articles in various scientific forums.

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