Diversity of Modern Critical Approaches between Chaos and Creativity

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Dr. Haider Fadhil Abbas


Modern Arab criticism faces a problem in understanding modern Western approaches as any approach is, in terms of its formative origins, a product of disparate attraction and repulsion powers. Perhaps the most important of which is the conflict of philosophical currents, intellectual theories, and political ideologies.

Modernism has been associated with modern critical approaches due to its ability to produce new knowledge frameworks instead of continuing to produce knowledge accumulation in stereotype frameworks which depleted their energy.

With this new and original knowledge momentum produced by these approaches, man’s view to literature, culture and his surroundings changed and could no longer perceive it with the same old view after his vision of the world changed. This study answers enquiries that relate to the dialectic of multiplicity of approaches which may first seem one of the causes of chaos, lack of systematic approaches and the single approach which may be mentally associated with precision in analysis and strictness in handling. Thus, modern criticism remains, between the approach’s authority and the text’s resistance, in search for its identity. 

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