Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in the Regional Hospital Huaura, Huacho - 2019

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Jorge Luis, Costilla- Fernández


The research studies the treatment and reuse of waste water in the Regional Hospital Huaura, Huacho for the year 2019. The type of research was prefactum, known as pure or fundamental, the level of research was descriptive, the method of study used was the scientific method, that is, the researcher meditated in a reasoned manner, using the deductive method to respond to the problems posed and has as main support, observation, i.e. formulates provisional working hypothesis to be accepted or rejected at the stage of execution or development of research, becoming scientific hypothesis, to check with the application of the data collection instrument. The techniques used in this research were unstructured observation, interview, structured survey and documentary sources with each of their instruments. A questionnaire was designed for the collection of information, with questions to measure the variables of study, then the instrument is applied to collect data, the information is statistically processed using the statistical package SPSS25.0. For the analysis and interpretation of data tables and statistical figures are shown. Finally, the conclusion shows that the wastewater treatment significantly influences the reuse in the Regional Hospital Huaura, Huacho for the year 2019. The study was structured in an organized body of contents of eight chapters with their respective subchapters or components, thus demonstrating the research with sufficient statistical evidence.

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