Globalization And Threat To The Security Of Pakistan

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Dr. Zain Ul Abiden Malik , Salma Shujeb Akhter,Sundas Malik , Dr. Asghar Ullah Khan , Hani Fatima , Prof Dr. He Zhilong , Aisha Rasool, Arshad Ali


In this paper we have discussed the link of globalization, security and terrorism with reference to Pakistan. We have discussed that how Pakistan is lacking deep behind in the process of globalization. It is basically due to this reason that the menace of terrorism spread like wild fire in the country and it became difficult for the government to control it. Although, the security situation of the country has improved very much but still efforts are needed to secure the country on a permanent basis. We have divided this paper into four parts. We have begun the first part of the paper by discussing the impact of globalization on the society of Pakistan. In this part of the paper we have examined the ways in which globalization has changed Pakistan economically and politically and concluded that Pakistan is lagging far behind in this globalized world. We have concluded in this part that only through excellent governance and improvement in the information technology, Pakistan will be able to reap the benefits of globalization. We also have given recommendations that how Pakistan should actively engage in the process of globalization. In the second part of the paper we have discussed the importance of security for Pakistan and how the good security situation of a country helps in the development process. The third part of the paper deals with how globalization has aided in the acts of terrorism.  We have discussed the various modes of technology that are being used in modern terrorism. We have discussed internet, social media, mobile apps, cyber weapons and drones being used by terrorist organizations in their latest tactics after the spread of globalization. In the last part of the paper we have discussed the various famous terrorist organizations that are using the tools of globalization in their modes of terrorism. In this regard, we have discussed international organizations like the Islamic State (IS), Al-Qaeda and Taliban that are using the latest modes of terrorism. Then we have discussed the two famous terrorist organizations Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Haqqani Network working in Pakistan and are spreading terrorism with the help of modern technology.


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