A Glimpse of the Talents and Competence of Young Talented Youth, and How to Guide Them towards Creative Work

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Abdulrahman Mohammad S. Albelaihi, Amani Ali Elmetwaly, Huzili Hussin


To deliver a message to all decision-makers about the ability, knowledge and interest of young people, as well as the experiences that qualify them to be in leadership positions. This is a message to everyone that our youth is ambitious, inspiring and can inspire others. " ((Youth are the base of strength in the ummah, renewal and leapfrogging, and they are the preponderant mind in it)).The influential role of youth in enriching society with all that is new and creative for the purpose of pushing the nation to catch up with global development by sponsoring talented people and directing them towards creative work that makes youth the preponderant mind. The issue of caring for and directing human energies is one of the most vital demands of this age.Countries seek to develop its human and material bases in the service of the country and the nation, and they have attached great importance to caring for human resources and raising their practical efficiency in order to be able to play their national and national role in pushing the development process forward.

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