Microenterprise Perspective: Competitiveness and Financing

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Dueñas-Peña Alex, Palacios Rozo Jairo Jamith, Barbosa-Guerrero Lugo Manuel


The competitiveness of companies is a factor that is related to management, rationality and access opportunities to leverage resources in such a way that it allows the organization to face its competitors with better quality production costs in support of optimal financing. A recognition is then made of the different elements that allow generating a context on competitiveness and the relationship it has with financing. This is a chapter developed from the review and critical reading of specialized documentation, an exercise that provided a business perspective, especially microenterprises in a globalized competitive context. It is a product that serves as a reference for microentrepreneurs, teachers and students who want to explore the concept of enterprise, as well as elements that are part of competitiveness. It provides a generalized product on the context to which companies belong, regardless of their size and the economic sector to which they belong. 

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