Approach to the Context of Microcredits in Bogota

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Dueñas-Peña Alex, Palacios Rozo Jairo Jamith, Barbosa-Guerrero Lugo Manuel


Microcredits have been the tool par excellence to give opportunity to people excluded from the ordinary banking system in different countries in general and particularly in the capital of the Republic of Colombia. This paper presents the results of a literature review that sought an approximation of the microcredit context in Bogota, with the objective of understanding the ecosystem in which the microcredit financial leverage tool is immersed.  An exposition of references and analysis of multiple thoughts and approaches of diverse authors allowed to approach, with different knowledge, to some origins, characteristics and scopes of the microcredit. Methodologically, it is based in the qualitative and documentary approach, taking into account that it presents an interpretative and comprehensive action of what the observed texts say, same that in different moments gave explanation to a particular moment, but that for the objective of the carried out study are taken for an approximation of construction of the searched context, which allows conclusions that microcredits in Bogotá are the result of good international practices, proposals for commitments of political will, needs of inclusion among others that are illustrated in the document.  

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