Perception of Spectators and Athletes About Down-Swing of Sport in Pakistan

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Dr. Noor Muhammad Marwat, Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan, Dr. Aziz Javed, Muhammad Imran Shah, Habib Ullah


Researchers have tried level best to dig out the causes of sport decline in Pakistan. Pakistan was known as Power House in world of sports, the land without legends of whom most of the games were considered incomplete. Presently we are just striving for qualifying for world level competitions. Fame created/clinched by our genius Heroes has such being ruined due to which whole world is laughing over our performance and participation level. In homeland Government inattention, non-existence of system on gross root level, cast trapped associations/federations, non-professional administrators, dwindled interest of professionals, scarcity of resources, corruption and many more such like elements. With Grace of Almighty Allah and efforts of ill administration we have otherwise proved the notion of great Nelson Mandela, “Sports has power to change the world”, and succeeded in pushing our sports towards closure end. Researchers with heavy hearts after Tokyo Olympics 2021 results of athletes and official contingent accompanied athletes, selected the study area with the hope to prove it as sense trigger and hope of light for bright future of sports, talented stars, fame and future of Pakistan. General public and sportsmen from all the four provinces were selected for study. Self-designed questionnaire was developed encompassing all aspects of the downfall of sports in country. In close form of questionnaire with two points, respondents were given just to options, “Yes” and “No”, to save time and reach at concrete solution of the problem. 85 to 100% of respondents held responsible Government, associations/federations and present administrative setup of sports prevailing in Pakistan.      

Purpose: Purpose of study was to dugout the main factors responsible for decline of sports in Pakistan. Researchers with help of findings and recommendations will try to eliminate all the elements being hurdle in the way of promotion of sports. Morale of individual and team sports players will be tried to boost up through results of the study. Findings of research will help in developing harmony among administration, Government and sportsmen.    

Methodology: Cross-sectional quantitative research study was conducted with respondents from all the provinces of Pakistan. Respondents were made aware about the pros and cons of the study. From each province fifty sportsmen and fifty spectators were selected as sample of research. Researchers with the help of local physical education teachers collected the required information on questionnaire. A “20” item reliable and validated questionnaire was used for collection of desired information. Collected data was statistically analyzed and results along with desirable suggestions have been recommended.   

Main Findings:  Results of the study have shown that general public as well as athletes are not satisfied with the present sports policies and setup in Pakistan. Lack of planning, failure in systematic improvement of infrastructure, lack of professionalism on part of administration, shrinking role of schools, colleges and universities, hiring of foreign coaches, non-involvement of social and financial stakeholders, missing of sports at gross root level, no opportunities for sportsmen, no evaluation system in sports, no check and balance and hike in corruption were vital elements pointed out by the respondents which are central causes of sports decline and downfall in Pakistan.   

Implications of the Study: Findings of the research will help a lot to eradicate the main elements being hurdle in way of sports promotion in Pakistan. It will enable the concerned authorities to re-visit the policies and actions for the improvement and promotion of sports. We will be able to achieve the fame which we have lost in the world of sports and games in light of the recommendations of study. Future researchers may opt for their specialized field research and point out the factors being hurdle in promotion as well as suggest possible solutions for all those

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