Psychological Implications of COVID-19 Epidemic on the University Students

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Muhammad Hamzah Masood, Shahzeb Shafi, Iqra Maryam Qandeel Arif, Dr. Azmat Ali Shah , Muhammad Kamran, Muhammad Adeel


The corona virus (COVID-2019) increases hastily in the entire globe, reckoning an outbreak of ruthless transmittable pneumonia1 the incessant broaden of the contagion, is probable to impinge on the students’ psychological health.2 In illumination of the eruption of COVID-19 in Pakistan, the investigator feels the same heaviness amongst learners in the premises of academia. The data was collected through a team of M. Phil students that were studying in SS&PE department of Gomal University. The data collected from all those students, participated in competitive sports activities. The data were analyzed by applying(frequency, percentage, mean, non-parametric chi-square test and t-test as statistical tools with help of SPSS software version, 25. The result of the study shows that the university’s students 56.04% were well aware of COVID-19. 50.1% of total university students were of the opinion to adopt the proper precautionary measures. The study observed that University’s students 42.72% were psychologically depressed regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan. The University’s students were well aware of COVID-19, the students were psychologically depressed regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan, and urban students were more psychologically affected by the COVID-19 outbreak than the rural students. It was also concluded that male and female and athletes, non-athletes were having the same psychological effect. However, the population was of the opinion that their response will be positive with special reference to adopt precautionary measures.  

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