Indigenizing The Powerful Fierce Woman: Nature and Mythology in Amaramkavu Vana Durga Temple

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Hyma Santhosh, Dr. Beena S Nair


India is a land known for Gods and Goddesses. There are Gods and Goddesses endemic to communities as well as places. Giving primal significance to the Mother Goddess Shakti, Indian mythology indicates the worship of powerful female deities from time immemorial. Goddesses who are considered fearless, powerful and uncontrollable are often treated as fierce deities who preside over the forest. Nestled in the wild elegance of a forest in Idukki district of Kerala, Amaramkavu Devi Temple is seat of culmination of culture, Nature and feminine power. The paper focuses on analysing the Nature, mythology and importance of powerful feminine in the form of the Goddess Vana Durga. As an embodiment of wilderness and Nature, the Goddess assumes different roles.  

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