Unveiling The Saga Of Veiled Princess: A Feministic Rendition On Kavita Kane’s Sita’s Sister

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K.Bhavani, Dr. A.A.Jayashree Prabhakar


Human beings are being cultivated by the value system; these values are inherited from the ancestors, society and more. Among which literature plays an important role in cultivating the mankind. Literature is being the major tool in shaping every individual, in serious discourse one cannot deny that epics and mythology holds a prodigious position. Epics are not mere tales; it’s the evidence of nation’s culture, identity, facts and more. Years may pass the relevance to the epics and myths are reiterated in different forms. Many writers all over the world navigating the epic characters and beautify them with their retellings. Writers like Margaret Atwood, Madeline Miller, Mary Renault, Natalie Haynes, Chita Bannerjee Divakaruni, Kavita Kane, Anand Neelakantan, Kevin Missal, Devdutt Pattnaik, No Yasumaro OGustav Heldt, Shelley Fu, Willamarie Moore. This paper aims at peering the patriarchy prevailed in the ancient times over women with feministic approach. Moreover through the retelling of Kavita Kane’s Sita’s Sister throws light on how the character Urmila has been shadowed. This paper explains how Urmila’s voice had been muted with the rein of patriarchy and by reconsideration that lead them towards liberation. It also highlights the female resistance towards androcentric thoughts which aims to reiterate women empowerment

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