The Role of Architectural Education in shaping the Urban Environment in Egypt

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Dr. Nevine Ismail Mahmoud


The Egyptian urban environment is not the result of a short period of time. Rather, it is a result of the developments that the Egyptian urban environment underwent throughout history, and then cities began to grow.

The urban environment arose to meet the needs of its inhabitants over different periods of time, and the urban environment and urban production began to form, but not only the need that formed the urban environment, but there were many other factors such as the administrative structures responsible for monitoring, follow-up, or sometimes implementation. In the form and pattern of urban distribution in general, and finally everyone who manages that system, and the architect is the first and last responsible since the beginning of planning.

Hence, did architectural education in Egypt have or still have a role in shaping the built environment and is it compatible with the various factors that affect the urban product? Does the student study during the different study periods that makes him come out to have a positive impact on the urban environment?

Consequently, it was necessary to compare urban development and production in different periods and the role of education in influencing and conclude the most important mechanisms that might make it have a better influence.

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