Research of Peculiarities of Speech of Male and Female on Phonetic and Lexical Levels of Language

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Dilshodbek Rustamov, Shokhida Shakhabitdinova,Sobirjon Solijonov , Abdulaziz Mattiyev, Shakhobiddin Begaliyev, Shakhram Fayziev


Gender differences are manifested not only in the physiological characteristics of a person, but also in the speech communication. This article presents the research data obtained at the phonetic and lexical levels of the language. The purpose of this work is to determine the speech characteristics that distinguish men and women at the studied language levels. The identification of the peculiarities of the speech of men and women supplements and clarifies the results of research in the field of gender studies. Before beginning the discussion on the specifics of male and female speech, it is important to understand what gender linguistics is and to learn a little about the history of this study. Until recently, linguists focused only on studying the differences in languages that were related to differences between groups of people (psycholinguistics, ethnolinguistics, sociolinguistics). But no one paid attention to the gender difference of the speech. Only recently have linguists begun to pay attention to the peculiarities of male and female speech

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