Developing Science and Technology Human Resources to Meet Digital Transformation in Vietnam: Situation and Solutions

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Dr. Le Thuy Hang, Nguyen Quang Hung


The article analyzes and clarifies the reality of the development of science and technology human resources in Vietnam in the trend of digitizing the economy that is happening not only in Vietnam but also in most countries in the world. For digital transformation, the most important factor that determines success or failure is science and technology human resources - the main productive force to operate the digital economy. However, in fact, the human resources of science and technology in Vietnam are still limited, lacking leading experts and well-invested, professional and large-scale scientific and technological organizations.On the basis of analyzing the current situation, limitations and causes, the author proposes a number of solutions to develop human resources in science and technology, to meet the needs of digital transformation and to suit the situation of Vietnam. From the point of view of Marxism - Leninism: development of productive forces in a socialist-oriented market economy.

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