A Study on Rural Consumers Awareness, Buying Practices and Satisfaction Level of SHG Products

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Dr.R.Rema Mary,


Self Help Groups are involving manufacturing and selling of various rural products. It can sustain the market only if they understand the attitude and behaviour of the customer. In our country the main problem which SHG encounter the acceptance of product by the consumers. The consumer satisfaction has become an important point to differentiate the SHG product with other branded product. If the consumer feels satisfy, automatically the SHG product will become a superfluous industry. Hence it is very essential to ascertain the consumer preference towards the product, to understand the Attitude and Awareness towards the product and to access the satisfaction level of consumer through a market survey. The main objectives of the study are, to determine the Knowledge and buying practices of rural consumer towards SHG Products. To assess the Satisfaction level of rural consumer while using the products and to determine the factors influencing the purchase of SHG Products by the rural consumer. A structured questionnaire was prepared and used as tool for study to fulfil the objectives. Sample of the study contains 84 male and 36 female consumers from different parts of Kanyakumari district in Tamilnadu.

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