Growth And Usage of Social Media In India And Its Role In Brand Building

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Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Dr. Prakash D Achari


Social media has made rapid expansion in last decade and has attracted the attention of the researchers, who analyze its role and effectiveness from diverse perspective. Besides influencing purchase decision, social media is also a potent source of data inputs to the firms and data analytical tools are helping in data mining which is leading to better understanding of the consumers. In view of the huge potential impact of the social media, firms have encompassed social media as an important input of their integrated communication strategy and are relying upon the same for brand building, influencing consumer purchase and maintaining customer relationship. They are spending huge sums of money on data mining and using sophisticated software. In the Indian context, where the impact of referral groups on purchase decision making is very well established, social media has emerged as an extended and alternate platform for such social engagement. A strong brand building campaign through social media is likely to strengthen the brand awareness, brand recognition and brand recall. Therefore, there is a need to study the usage of social media in marketing by the firms from the consumers’ perspective. The usage patterns of social media, the purpose behind usage and the impact of usage of social media needs to be studied.

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