Phraseological Units with Colour Designation Component as a Means of Reflecting the Self-Consciousness of the English People

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Oybek Yusupov, Iroda Mirzaeva, Aziz Mukhamedaminov, Dina Shigabutdinova, Sardor Nazarov, Utkir Muradov, Temur Toshpulatov, Shokhrud Fayziev, Shakhram Fayziev


This article examines phraseological units with a color designation component as a means of reflecting the self-awareness and attitude of the English people. The research  presents an analysis of “colour” phraseological expressions taken from the works of famous English writers, as well as from authoritative dictionaries and reference books, also the article is devoted to the study of phraseological units containing in their semantics the element of color designation in English language, their functions in the implementation of the relationship between the national linguistic consciousness and spiritual and national culture.  The reader will not only discover new phraseological phrases for himself, but also learn the symbolic meanings of flowers and some features of the English people. Based analysis of the estimated values of phraseological units with colour components, it is concluded that there are  different attitude towards colors  in the axiological picture of the world of the speakers of the studied language.

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