Masochism in Joun elia's Poetry

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Maqsood Ahmad, Uzma Noreen, Dr. Majid Mumtaz, Dr. Tehseen Bibi


Torment (Masochism) Unlike piety, there is an attitude in which a person is happy to hurt himself in the face of others, while Bill also enjoys and finds peace in this pain and suffering. When the term Masochism is used for this in English, many names are used for it, such as torture, persecution, emblemism, masochism, and mischief. Like other psychological attitudes and confusions, it is also a confusion and attitude. The main motivations are sexual pleasure. The real field of Joun Elia poetry is the ghazal, and especially the color thug that has given Joune Elia individuality. In terms of subject matter, Joun Elia's poetry covers a variety of themes that not only highlight the intellectual aspects of Joun Elia. He also interprets thoughts and art. These aspects include the pain of a migration. These attitudes are evident in both Tawan's life and poetry, as seen by Joun Elai in terms of contentment and simplicity.

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