The Influence of Socioeconomic Status on the Students’ Active Participation in Physical Activity

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Bahadur Ali Soomro, Ghulam Rasool Lakhan, Amanullah Channa, Anila Sultana


Socio-economic status plays an essential role in one’s achievements in every social life field, such as physical performance in sports. The present research work investigates the influence of socio-economic status with the support of family income and parental education of the students for the active participation in physical activity of Medical and Health Sciences Universities of Sindh- Pakistan. The research work findings confirm a significant and positive influence of mother education, family incomes, and father education on students’ participation in physical activity. Further, a significant negative effect is observed between family members and students’ physical activity levels. In the same sense, students’ low socio-economic status is highly related to insufficient physical activity. Thus, students’ high socio-economic status is enormously linked with increased physical activity. The study's findings would provide the plans to playmakers and health practitioners to recognize the factors like family income, mother and father education and family members to enhance physical activities among the youth. Finally, the results would contribute to the related literature.

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