Undergraduate Students And Facebook Use: A Case Study Of Universities Of Peshawar

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Farzana Naheed Mufti, Syed Munir Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Iffat Ara Hussain



Social media, especially Facebook, have a pervasive influence in our lives, more so for students of school and university. Given that smart phones have also touched every aspect of our lives, the pervasiveness of Facebook and its use thus has implications for all aspects of students’ lives, including social, academic, and familial. This study sought to explore the influence of Facebook on the academic and social environments of undergraduate students in selected universities of Peshawar. The study aimed at finding undergraduates’ experiences and their perceptions about the use of Facebook influencing their academic and social environments. Using purposive sampling technique, 40 undergraduate students – both male and female – participated from various public and private universities of Peshawar. The participants of the study were students who had access to Internet and were using Facebook as subscribers. Instruments used for data collection included semi-structured and in-depth interviews. A pilot study was conducted with five participants, which helped in refining interview questions. Thematic data analysis approach was used for analyzing the data. Major findings of the study showed that undergraduate students joined and used Facebook for various purposes. The research respondents identified a number of reasons for joining Facebook that included peer pressure; their motivation and encouragement persuaded them to join Facebook. Furthermore, most students started using Facebook at early teenage period.  Keeping in view the implications of research findings, it is recommended that parents should keep proper check on their children while using Facebook. Both parents and teachers are required to train and educate children to use Facebook for productive and effective academic purposes.


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