The Aesthetics of the Overlay in the Sculptures of Sculptor Mahmoud Ajami

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Dr. Aqeel Hussein Jasim, Dr. Samer Husam Ali, Hendebad Ali Majid


The problem of this research was summed up by the following question:

What are the aesthetics of overlay in the sculptures of sculptor Mahmoud Ajami.

The study was summarized in four parts :

* Part 1: The general framework includes, the problem of research and it's significance, including, research objectives, limits, and identification of interests.

* Part 2: Theoretical framework and previous studies.

This Part consists of three investigations:

-      The first research: the basic elements of the overlay.

-      The second research: overlay in sculpture.

-      The third is the effectiveness of the elements in contemporary Iraqi sculpture.

* Part 3: The research community, and the research sample selected in a deliberate style from the original community and a total of (3) sculpture models, which date back to the most famous artist Mahmoud Ajami.

The method adopted by the researcher is the descriptive analytical approach

Part 4: Includes research results, conclusions and recommendations.

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