Habitat Characteristics of Juveniles of "River Shrimp" Cryphiops Caementarius (Crustacea: Palaemonidae) at the Mouth of the Tambo River, Arequipa, Peru

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Edwin Bocardo-Delgado, José Alberto Morales-Hurtado, Daniel Medina-Rivera, Rudy Concha-Carpio, Roberto Apaza-Abarca


It is proposed to know certain characteristics of the habitat of the juveniles of "river shrimp" Cryphiops caementarius at the mouth of the Tambo river from 2017 to 2018, observing their presence from August to December, being its presence null in previous months; they were observed associated with banks in which the presence of Baccharis salicifolia and Tessaria integrifolia existed, which presence was abundant; Typha angustifolia o Cortaderia sp., where the presence of juveniles was scarce; and on the bare shore where the presence of the juveniles was nil;  for 2017 juveniles were observed in places where the water velocity did not exceed 0.8 m s-1; instead for the year 2018 the juveniles were observed in places where the water speed did not exceed 0.6 m s-1. Regarding the density, an increase is observed from the months of August, September, reaching the maximum in December.

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