Relationship between Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Comprehension Strategies and Students’ Reading Comprehension Achievement Scores in L2

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Dr. Tahira Kalsoom, Dr. Uzma Quraisi, Dr. Fakhra Aziz


The study tends to explore the “relationship between metacognitive awareness of reading comprehension strategies and students’ reading comprehension achievement scores” at undergraduate level. Metacognition is a relatively new cover for theories and research related to students' knowledge and the use of cognitive resources. Metacognitive awareness is related to one’s knowledge about strategy related to a specific task. The study was quantitative in nature. Survey method was used to collect the data. Population of the study was undergraduate university students. Sample was selected conveniently. Sample was selected from students of semester 2 studying in BS Education, Psychology and Mass communication of 4 public and private universities situated in Lahore city. Self constructed tool was used to determine students’ awareness regarding reading comprehension strategies and their reading achievement scores were also obtained to find out the relation between two variables. Data was analyzed by applying Pearson r and linear regression. Results indicated that significant relationship was found between variables as the significant value (.000) was smaller than .01.

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