Analyzing the Impact of ESL Learners' Reading Habits on Writing Skill

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Humera Anwar, Samina Sarwat, Syed Khuram Shahzad, Sidra Anwar


This study seeks to look at the reading habits of EFL students at KFUEIT University in Rahimyar Khan and the impact of reading habits on students' writing skills. This is quantitative research since it looks at how the dependent variable (writing skill) is affected by the independent variable (reading habit), and the results are in the form of numbers. The participants of the study were 150 ESL students from KFUEIT University. A reading habit questionnaire was used in this study to assess the quality of students' reading habits and a writing-based questionnaire to assess student's writing ability and how their reading habits impact it. The findings reveal that the ESL learners reading habits were of average quality. Meanwhile, an examination of the data reveals that ESL learners' reading habits impact their writing ability. Furthermore, the topic was one of the writing elements that were most impacted by the reading habit.

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