The Effective Use of Media as being an Analytical Linguistic Phenomenon with the Case of COVID 19: A Literature Review

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Mahmoud Ali AL Quda


Available social media archives publicly are seen to facilitate further studies regarding the social sciences as well as provide corpora to test and then train a wide range of machine learning as well as some methods of natural language processing. In regard to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, online platforms reflecting public opinions and perceptions associated COVID 19 and the societal impact such pandemic has. Indeed, the understanding of such discourse, its evolutions, and inter-dependencies with the events of the real world or misinformation can foster further valuable insights. Accordingly, the main objective of this study is to review the literature that investigated the case of COVID 19 as being a discourse to be analyzed using linguistic studies. As COVID-19 is seen to be, on social media, as one of the most topics that has been widely talked about; it is then significant to investigate such social issue and see how people react. This study concludes that COVID 19 as being a discourse in social media has received researchers’ attention in many regards.However, the idea of studying as well as analyzinglinguistically any social platform e.g., Twitter, Facebook, News Headlinescan add more value. More precisely, this is true in Arab context as the nature of political language used has been shifted completely and differently after Arab Spring and more specifically in areas that face challenges including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and many of other Arab countries.In fact, this review of literature has the possibility to help researchers to evaluate the current presence of the nature of the discourse used in political, social, and language research fields and hence, recommends further research directions.

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