The Role of Fine Activities on the Mental Health of Abused Children

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Dr. Nora Abdullah Al-Jammazand Aram Abdullah Al-Atifi


The current study aims to present a proposed vision to know the role of fine activities on the mental health of abused children, and to identify ways and methods of promoting positive behaviors through art therapy and fine activities.The researcher used a sample of (6) doctors and therapists who apply treatment using fine activities in their treatment plans for abused children. The researcher used the interview tool to collect information. The researcher also followed the descriptive analytical approach to the study, and reached through that to the most important results:All members of the sample, including doctors and therapists, emphasized the importance and impact of fine activities in promoting positive behaviors among individuals, so well that the activities are useful in promoting and providing children with new behaviors such as hygiene and arrangement, and it is a means of stimulating and enhancing confidence, especially for abused children.

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