Human Rights and Poverty: A Latin American Review

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Jacksson Yamil Montoya Asprilla, José Clemente Peralta Navarrete, Richard Javier Rodríguez Miranda, Rosario Del Pilar De-La-Mata-Huapaya, Flor María Ayala-Albites, Ricardo Carlos Zubiaga-Martel


A documentary review is carried out on the variable Human Rights and Poverty to all scientific publications made in Latin America during the period 2015-2020 that was registered in the Scopus database through which the identification of 135 published research works is achieved, which were analyzed from a bibliometric approach through the distribution of production by its year of publication, country of origin, area of knowledge and type of publication, thanks to the elaboration of graphs, figures and tables that facilitated its interpretation. Likewise, a bibliographic analysis of some of the published works was carried out in order to know the position of different authors regarding Human Rights and Poverty in Latin America. The results show that Brazil is the Latin American country with the highest number of publications during the period 2015-2020 with a total of 56 documents referring to the topic proposed in this paper. The year with the highest number of publications was 2020, with a total of 37 research papers. Medicine was the area of knowledge that most contributed in the execution of research works for subsequent publication and the type of document mostly used by the authors was the journal paper, with a total of 102 publications of this type registered in Scopus, i.e., 75.6% of the total production identified.

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