The Top one Hundred Most Cited Research on COVID-19

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Hanan M. Alghamdi


Background: Citations are considered performance indicators that reflect the quality or impact of publications. Citation analysis aims to find highly cited articles in a particular research domain to reflect authorship patterns, country's productivity, ranking of journals and authors, and highlight advancements and updates in the subject. This research aimed to report and critique the top-cited one hundred journal article in COVID-19 infections and reveal the area's publication and research trends.

Methods: Electronic search of databases like Thomson Reuters and Web of Science citation indexing was conducted using the terms "COVID19," "COVID-19," "Covid-19," or "Covid19". The top one hundred publications with the highest citation number were analyzed on the basis of components like the number of citations, authorship, month and year of publication, journal title, publication country, publication institute, and publication type.

Results: The highest citations number ranged from 15959 to 622 for the identified highest one hundred articles. Most of the reported articles were published between January 2020 to February 2021. The journal with the highest published articles was the Lancet (19%), followed by the New England Journal of Medicine (14%) and the JAMA (11%). China (53%), followed by the USA (30%), were the countries that contributed maximum in terms of highly cited articles. The University of Huazhong science and technology was the top university to publish studies within the top one hundred list (15%). The majority of articles are retrospective research (48%), review articles and letters (18%), prospective research (18%), while randomized control trials and metanalysis were only 5% and 3%, respectively.

Conclusions: The current report highlights advances and updates in COVID-19 infections and can guide writing citable articles in the mentioned domain.

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