Competitiveness and Strategic Resources in SMEs: A Review for Latin America

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Patricio Federico Lewis Zúñiga, Verónica Margarita Trillo Espinoza, Alex Dueñas-Peña, Richard Javier Rodríguez Miranda, Mauricio Jaimes Roa


This is a documentary review of the publications made through high impact journals indexed in Scopus database related to Competitiveness and Strategic Resources in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) during the period 2015-2020. As a result of the first search, a total of 137 documents were determined and subjected to an analysis with a bibliometric approach through the distribution of the documents registered in Scopus by means of the distribution by year of publication, country of origin, affiliation and area of knowledge. Likewise, examples of some published studies were analyzed to know the position of different authors regarding the proposed topic. As a result, the year in which most publications were registered was 2020 with 34 publications, being Colombia the Latin American country with the largest number of research projects according to the consultation platform with a total of 51 documents. The area of knowledge that made the greatest contribution to scientific publications was Administration and Accounting with 80 copies, and the Latin American institution with the largest number of published works related to the study of competitiveness in SMEs was the Universidad Peruana de CienciasAplicadas, Lima, Peru with 12 documents. Thanks to the above, the final document is constructed through conclusions that represent support material for future research related to the topic proposed in this document.

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