Public Policies for Social Rehabilitation to Guarantee a Dignified Life for Persons Deprived of Liberty in Ecuador

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Carlos Ernesto Herrera Acosta, Hugo Roberto Miranda Astudillo, Ximena Jeanneth Zúñiga García, Rafael Arturo Yépez Zambrano, Mayra Estefanía Yépez Salguero


The circumstances currently being experienced in prisons, which have provoked a severe crisis not only in Ecuador but also in Latin America, force States to rethink the National Social Rehabilitation System. In the face of this reality, the State, society and the family can no longer remain indifferent and divided. unity, cooperation and collaboration are required to solve the problems generated by marked corruption, violation of rights and violence. In this sense, fulfilling the citizen's duty and obligation to contribute with ideas, strategies, programs and projects, innovative public policies of integral rehabilitation are proposed, designed based on the reality to guarantee a dignified life to people in conflict with the law.

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