Identifying the High Risk Individuals of COVID-19 by Computing the Susceptibility Indicator

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A. Jenneth, Jhony A. De La Cruz-Vargas, Norberto Elenes Zazueta, Yuliana Vanegas Chaves, Ortiz Loayza, Roque Mauricio


World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. It is learned to be very fast in communicated between human to human and causes higher mortality rate among persons with certain pre-existing chronic medical conditions. Also, the mortality rate is very high in elderly population. Certain strategy based on a model to be created to identify the individuals who are susceptible and who are at greater risks for severe complications shall be very useful to curtail the spread of the virus as well as minimize the death rate.

In this paper the factors for the susceptibility given by CDC is taken as primary factors to short list the population and identify the high risk people among them by considering the high risk factors given by CDC.  The data shall be collected online from the outpatient and in-patient wards of Government hospitals and private hospitals of India. The Logistics Regression Model is applied to identifythe high risk people. The identified high risk people are given preference with locational significance which is listed by health care departments of India.

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