Tourism Development Model Through “Community Branding” For Improving Community Welfare (Survey On Several Tourist Attractions And Community Culture In South Central Timor Regency)

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Apriana H. J. Fanggidae


Purpose: The purpose of this research is analyze the character of the community and make it a differentiator from other tourism products and designing a tourism development model through

Community Branding for improving community welfare.

Research Methodology: This research is an applied research is to solve practical problems which are classified into action research or development research.

Results: The results showed that the people of South Central Timor Regency have a unique character and image in their social community.

Limitations: This research was only conducted at tourism sites in South Central Timor Regency.

Contribution: The results of this research can be used as reference material and evaluation in the development of the tourism sector in South Central Timor Regency.

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