Legal Protection For Community Pet Dogs In Kupang City

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Jimmy Pello, Astrid Hewangara Pello


Purpose: The research aims to explore criminal law norms and related legal behavior as a legal basis to be used as a legal basis for protecting pets, including dogs.

Research Methodology: The research method, namely empirical law, examines the legal behavior of the community to protect pets normatively and support positive legal norms.

Results: The results of the study show that Indonesia already has a national legal product that can be used to protect Indonesian animals, but the threat of punishment is still relatively light when compared to the ongoing violence against animals. Real legal protection for pets is very limited from animal owners or the general public due to various things, namely low legal commitment, legal proceedings for animals are low in case value compared to other cases. Legal protection needs to be improved in order to realize animal welfare through the active involvement of the community and law enforcement, including national and regional lawmakers.

Limitations: The challenge in this study is that not all dog owners understand animal protection laws.

Contribution: This research contributes to the protection of the life rights of pets and pet owners.

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